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Doug Hartman

A true song-smith in his own right, Doug's compositions are an absolute wonder to watch un-fold!!
His canvas often starts out with his acoustic guitars and his voice, all via Garage Band on an iPhone...!! (And many of those iPhone tracks actually make it to the finished song...!)

With his creative vision and song-crafting abilities, it won't be long before this song-writer and his art are discovered!

Search for him on YouTube, and pass the word around!!!

Doug wrote this particular track for a good friend struggling with ALS…


Holly Brunswick - with Michael Brookman

Two accomplished Folk artists perform these two heartfelt and beautiful duets.

Holly is an accomplished violinist, fiddle player, and retired music teacher and Michael’s accompaniments will show that he is also as accomplished on his 12-string acoustic guitar!

The two can be heard in the local Irish band “Celtic Rush” whose tracks are also here for your enjoyment.
You can find out more about Celtic Rush, and see their schedule at:


Chloe and The Silver Strings

Taken from their website:
"Hey, we’re Chloe and The Steel Strings, a Folk-Rock band from Toledo, Ohio that formed in summer 2017. A few months earlier, Chloe began recording an album of 8 original songs. She had little idea that her plan for some simple acoustic recordings would turn into a much larger undertaking. Deciding that she needed a full band to make her songs shine, Chloe invited her sister Anna, and boyfriend Connor, to record keys and bass, and soon Chloe and The Steel Strings was born."

You can find out more, see their touring schedule, as well as buy their CD at:


Doug Hartman

Here’s an earlier track from the song-smith Doug Hartman!
Featured on this track is his friend, and guitarist extraordinaire Jesse Moses - and yours truly on eDrums...


Celtic Rush

With the release of “A Minstrel Christmas”, Celtic Rush show that they may very well be the finest acoustic Celtic band in the land!

Their sheer numbers make up a minstrel's symphony unlike any in this region. Their instrumentation for this CD included:
tin whistle (penny whistle), mandolin, two fiddles, an upright bass, a six-string acoustic guitar, a twelve-string acoustic guitar, and the traditional bodhran (frame drum).

If you, your friends, or family enjoy good traditional Irish/Celtic music, then you owe it to yourself to catch this group live!
Of course, if you cannot make it to a show, their CD's are available - and those make great gifts!  ;)

You can find their schedule, as well as contact info at:


The Mickeys

Here's another great original track from Mick Hurray and The Mickeys! Mick, Anne, Sonny, and Wayne serve up an original Irish Rock song! As they travel through Ohio, PA, and New York, be sure to catch one of their energetic live shows!

And you can find them on-line at


Christopher Milo

Christopher's piano playing is pure magic! His faith and gratitude to God keep him humble, but when you listen to the music that this Maestro has created, you will believe as well! Please be sure to read about his Good Work at and search for the full versions of these songs from his album "13 Messages", as well as his Christmas CD "A Gift - The Christmas Call" on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and CD stores near you!


Christopher Milo - Christmas Samples

From his Christmas CD "A Gift - The Christmas Call" - available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and CD stores near you!


Mick Hurray

Eccentric, Fun & Outa' This World! - - - -
Mick is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist who's always on the creative edge and always willing to experiment.


Zero Defex

Raw, Un-Adulterated Punk Rock from Akron, Ohio! - - - -
If you have tender ears or thin skin, please roll on to the next group's examples!
0DFX, as they're known to their fans, have never been dull!
Search on-line and any reviews you find all tout their energetic live shows.
These tracks were actually basement recordings, edited, mixed, and mastered right here at Rogue's Hollow Recordings.


Big Daddy & The Hoodoo Men

Delta and Harmonica-Based Blues.
-- Per Big Daddy - "The Blues.The Whole Blues. And Nothing BUT the Blues."
They are a local Blues band who continue to be our very own "Real Deal"!


Andrea King

Andrea King is one of those rare singer-songwriters that truly plays it as she feels it.  This particular recording was made during her High School Sophomore year, and the string arrangement underneath her composition was arranged and performed by none other than the world-renowned Christopher Milo!


Anne Alexander-Hurray

Anne is an amazing vocalist who has taken First Place at several singing competitions where Gaelic (Ancient Celtic) is the language sung. - - - Anne's annunciation and articulation, as well as her emotion and delivery are exquisitely highlighted in this track...


The Mickeys

Old-World Traditional Celtic - made new! - - - - Featuring Flutes, Penny Whistles, Violin, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Dulcimers, Accordions, Electric Bass, Hand Percussion and more. - The Mickeys are revisiting the history of old Celtic songs as only they can.

Find them on-line at


Spilled Milk

Three young lads from Brecksville, Ohio that play their own "Retro" style of Rock. 
When these guys play together, they collectively create "New-Old Rock-N-Roll"!
Give them a listen and you'll understand...

And if you like what you hear, you can download their EP over at BandCamp -


Hanna Croft

Hannah wanted to sing and record some Patsy Cline songs for her family and the results speak for themselves! - - - A real lift to Hanna's success in recording these tracks was the high quality Karaoke music she found. - - - Though no lyrics on a monitor here - Hannah had her lyrics memorized, as all good singers do!


Jeff Knopp

Acoustic / Americana / Folk - - - Jeff has a great down-to-earth way of looking at the world around him, and wanted that to be reflected in his unique "Folk Singer" sound.