ISRC's - Get your own!

The ISRC's (International Standard Recording Codes) are used for tracking individual songs on a particular CD.

They help to insure that you get the royalties you are entitled to.

Another acronym everyone knows about is the UPC (Universal Product Code).
The UPC is more for inventory tracking of the album itself.

Here is a link for the official ISRC organization here in the United States:

You can apply for your own codes at that same site:

The DDP image software[1] used here at Rogues Hollow Recordings places the ISRC's in the files/project, so that, when the replication house makes your CD's, the codes are embedded in each and every track of each CD.

Regardless of who records your albums, you owe it to yourself to look into getting the ISRC's registered in your own name.
Do not let a recording studio or pressing house do it for you, as often times they will:

A.) register the works under their name and not yours, and
B.) only sell you enough ISRC's for that particular project/album.

Registering the ISRC's yourself, gives you a lifetime supply of numbers with one simple purchase!

Please look over the information at the website above and feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions or concerns. Rogue's Hollow Recordings is here to help!



[1] - World-Class HOFA CD burning and DDP software for Red Book Standard CD and DDP file creation.
          (Ensures error-free file transfer to the replication/duplication house.)