Pro-Quality Audio Mixing —
For A Musician's Budget!

So you just recorded in your favorite "big" room, and now all you need is a great mix of all of those well-recorded tracks??!

If only you could stretch those remaining funds...
You could both finish mixing those tracks AND snag some merch to sell at your CD release party...!

  Do yourself and your group a favor - CONTACT US at Rogue's Hollow Recordings for a free mix consultation. 

Do you have concerns about transferring your files out of that big-room studio? 

Then please - read on...

  • Uncompressed WAV files are the industry standard format.

  • These files are created when the original digital recordings take place.

  • All Digital Audio Workstations use this standard format.
    (Digital Audio Workstations include ProTools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, Nuendo, Sonar, etc., etc.,)

  • All incoming projects will be safely and securely transferred.

  • All mix projects will be kept in the digital realm. (In The Box.)

  • Mixing "In-The-Box" reduces additional artifacts fromunnecessary digital-to-analog conversions.

  • Once your final mixes are approved, they will be safely uploaded to your mastering engineer.

  • If mastered here -
     Error-free DDP images will be used for transfer to the replication (or duplication) house.

  • Your mixes can also be burned to high-quality Taiyo Yuden CD's using the Red Book Standard.

  Please CONTACT US to receive free consultation and pricing.