Audio for Video

Are you working on a video project?

Do you already have the audio picked out, but it doesn't "fit" the scenes?

We can add punch and impact to scenes by adding accents and timed hits.

Maybe your video needs extra sound effects to help with the realism?

Besides sync'ing the audio to your video, we can also help you with foley work, sound effects, and music variations that will take your work to the next level.

How about your actresses and actors dialog tracks?
We can re-record them here for improved clarity.

Was there background noise recorded that is disruptive to a scene?
We can remove that audio noise from your soundtrack.

Maybe that acoustic guitar part that was perfect for the scene is now taking away your attention because of string squeak that is driving you crazy? 

Can you hear the room ventilation system running in the background during an otherwise perfect scene?

We may be able to help by removing the unwanted noise and "clarifying" the track content to keep your scene as seamless as possible.

Through improved audio, we can help make your video a better experience!


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