About RHR


Located in Doylestown, Ohio,
this project studio is nestled in Rogue's Hollow -
a place of local folklore and wonder...!


... A place which radiates a natural energy that is sure to free your inspiration and creativity...!

  Whether you need a few songs for your YouTube channel, for your band's bio to land gigs, or a full CD to sell to your fans - 
Rogue's Hollow Recordings continues to help artists just like you record and mix their music. 

  Situated slightly southwest of Akron, the studio's location provides you with easy access from nearly any direction.

   The studio is owned and operated by yours truly - Mark Grace, former house engineer at Sunset Studios in Hartville, Ohio.
I've recorded and mixed local acts which have included everything from Acoustic Folk singers to eight-piece traditional Celtic groups, along with Pianists, Piano Singer-Song-Writers, Rock and Blues bands, an Irish tenor, church groups, and
even a 30-member church choir!

  Please check back often as the website grows, and feel free to contact us for more information on how we may be of service.

 Thank you for visiting the site!
– and thank you –
for choosing Rogue's Hollow Recordings! 

Function:    intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s):     rogued; rogu·ing or rogue·ing
Date:     1766

: to weed out inferior, diseased, or non-typical
  individuals from a crop plant or a field

: to weed out inferior, disproportionate, or non-typical frequencies from
audio recordings leaving only those frequencies pleasing to the ear 
— Google's Dictionary ... and Tail Spin Ala Mark Grace