A fact that many musicians need to consider -

Excerpted from Graham Cochrane’s email newsletter:

“I don’t see Mixing as the place to be “innovative”.
Songwriting, Arrangement, and Production is.”

                                           – Kenny Giola


I couldn’t have said it more simply or completely as that.

Mixing, while important, is not the place to be innovative.

The place to push the boundaries and go buck wild with every ounce of creativity you have is WAY sooner than that.

It starts back in the songwriting phase.

Simply write a better song!

Write a more innovative song!

Write something truly new and original!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Then craft a fresh and compelling arrangement of that great song.”

-          Graham Cochrane, RecordingRevolution.com


So quite simply, work up those songs before ever walking into a recording studio, or pressing the record button on your home recording rig!!


Keep in mind that the Recording Engineer's job is to give you back what you are giving them!

And the Mixing Engineer's job varies, but essentially it's to find a proper balance of all of your song's parts,
 - so all of those parts can be heard, and help to tell the story.

Sure, there is room for creativity at the Mix stage, but it's all to better serve the song and it's arrangement!!

Trust The Process!!

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