Local Bands -
Their Sites, Their Blogs, Their Rap Sheets
 (Friends don't let friend's bands go unnoticed...or in some cases - without bail...!)


Links to Local Band's Websites:


Christopher Milo

Visit his site and read about the Good Works of this amazing pianist!

The Mickeys

Akron's Favorite Celtic Band! Be sure to check out their new CD - recorded here at RHR!

Big Daddy & The Hoodoo Men

The Blues, The Whole Blues, and Nuthin' But The Blues!

The Fabulous Voices

R&R, R&B, Dance, Latin, Blues, and Jazz - just to name a few!

The Swizzle Stick Band

Playing some of the great horn band sounds of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Lil Eddy & The Boiler Makers

That Swing Thing - be sure to catch their Louie Prima Tribute!

Natalie Stamper & The One Shoe Highway

Blues and Classic Rock - be sure to catch their live shows!