Cool Links
Lots of good stuff here - and new additions pop up all the time!

Music Websites Worth A Visit:

Buckeye Bluegrass

The most complete listing of Bluegrass music information in the great state of Ohio!

Folk Alley _ WKSU (Kent, Ohio) _ Streaming Audio 24/7

All Folk, All Of The Time............Listener Supported - so go listen and be sure to SUPPORT!


Photographers For Your Band

Need promo pics for your band's bio or CD artwork?

Gary Jackson Photography

Gary is ol' Rocker and Blues man from way back and truly gets what a band is after! Give his site a visit and be sure to tell him that you found him here!


Robin Graham

Look no further for unique and professional photographs of your band! When you catch up with Robin, please let her know how you found her!


Drones & Aerial Video and Photography

Whether you want aerial photos of your property or your band, drones are the way to go!!

Dronez Eye

Property and Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography


Locally Owned Music Stores

Support your local music store! ...more links to Follow...

Heritage Music

See their ad at the Buckey Bluegrass link above, or call 1-866-YEE-HAAA (Seriously!)

Wadsworth Music

Your "friendly neighborhood music shop" in Historical Downtown Wadsworth.  Featuring Guitar Repair and Lessons!


Useful or Otherwise Just Plain Fun Links

Test Tones

Test your hearing from 20 hz to 20 khz !!

SpinRite Hard Disk Utility
For both spinning drives and solid-state drives - the world’s BEST hard drive utility from Steve Gibson at GRC!

Shield’s Up!

Another great service to the world from Steve Gibson at GRC - check your home network’s safety on the World Wide Web!