Allow Enough Time!!

Allow enough time to capture the best you have to give!
The recording portion of your project, is as crucial as your original song writing and arrangement!


When planning a recording session, insure that you are allotting enough time for recording.

It’s not another live gig, and it’s certainly not another practice session.

This one really counts!


Pro session players have been known to take an entire day to record just one song.
At best, they may be able to get 10-12 songs recorded, but that is a whole different level of player…

If you are able to keep your focus razor sharp for 12-14 hours, then maybe you can approach that number of tracks.
- Maybe.

If you have an 8-10 hour block of time set aside, you’re far better off to focus intently on 2-3 songs. If those come easy for you and your band, then take on another and see where it goes.

This is all assuming, of course, that the song is well written, the arrangement is rock solid, and everyone can play their parts in their sleep!


Live gigs are great, but the studio presents a different kind of environment.

A microscope, if you will.

Few “weekend warrior” musicians can operate at high professional levels under that microscope for long periods of time.


Allow plenty of time to cart in gear, get set up and settle in.

This part always takes longer than most folks realize!

Getting the instruments set up and tuned is a very crucial step. - Tuning is priority #1.

Just walking in, tuning up, and hitting record is not being realistic.

Hopefully all new strings and all new heads have been put on and tuned days in advance, so they’ve had time to settle in too!

THEN – there are the drums.
If recording an acoustic kit, at least a good solid half day should be allotted for drums - but -getting a great drum sound can easily take an entire day. By the time they are set up…, tuned…, rattles, buzzes and ringing removed, and everything mic’d up proper so everyone is happy with the sound, it’s usually about time to call it a day!

The headphone mix is another crucial element.
And having several individual headphone mixes can also take some time – after – all of the recording levels have been properly set!

There is a period of adjustment too, and hopefully everyone has been getting used to the surroundings, the over-all vibe of their space, their headphone mix, as well as tuning and re-tuning their instrument as they get comfortable.

[Deep Breath….]

It is at THIS point… we are ready to hear what you’ve got!

The record light goes on, and you give it your all…!