Websites to help you get your music "out there" and sounding good ...!!

The Loudness War Is DEAD!!! 

  • Loudness Normalization used by YouTube, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming sites "Level" the playing field!
    From Ian Shepherd's outstanding "Production Advice" website:
    YouTube just put the final nail in the Loudness War’s coffin
     (Ian has been a loudness wars expert and leading proponent of "Dynamic Range Day" which helps raise the industry's
    awareness of the harmful effects of hyper-compression and over-limiting.)

So you still want it LOUDER??
Here is a worthwhile exercise from a mastering engineer's viewpoint:

More Loudness Info

  • Tune Core       "Use it to get your music everywhere" - Trent Reznor
  • CD Baby           Everyone's heard of TuneCore, they'll help you get on iTunes
  • Band Camp      FREE - and a good place to start when the budget is tight
  • Sound Cloud   Make your music a social event!

  • Assuming that you're registered with ASCAP or BMI, licensing your music makes sense.
    Music is needed for anything you can think of - movies, advertisements, television shows, podcasts, the list goes on -
    and so does your music's earning potential!