Truly Professional Results


If you want to have truly professional results,

Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner offers some excellent advice:


Your raw tracks should sound like they’re already mixed.


How do you achieve that?


By taking the time to get it right during the recording process.


Joe goes on to explain why the Pro mixes practically “mix themselves” –


“Why? Because somebody was careful on the front end to make the raw tracks sound like they’re already mixed.


That means doing the painstaking work of setting up the overhead mics on the drum kit in the best possible position for the song.


It means auditioning dozens of synth patches until you find the perfect one.


It means re-recording that guitar part that just isn’t working with the rest of the tracks.


It’s hard, frustrating work. But it’s deeply rewarding. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you say to yourself,
“Wow, these tracks really mix themselves!”

That’s when you know you’re doing something very, very right.”

-       Joe Gilder, Home Studio Corner

 Trust The Process!!