Audio Mastering —
For That Finished Sound!

Already have a multi-track project recorded and mixed?

  We're not a million-dollar mastering house, but we've got a balanced room, a nice assembly of monitor speakers, some great ears, and the tenacity to see that your music plays equally well on a variety of systems.

  Even though we are strong proponents of returning to realistic dynamics and would love to see a truce called in the "loudness wars", if all you need is someone to "make it louder" without destroying the mix, we can do that too!

  All final masters are compiled into a DDP image for error-free transfer to a replication/duplication house. And if you so desire, your master can also be burned to high-quality Taiyo Yuden CD's using the Red Book Standard! 

[Taiyo Yuden is now JVC Advanced Media and is a Japanese materials and electronics company that helped pioneer recordable CD technology. JVC Advanced Media discs offer great playback compatibility, low error rates in recording, and come with a 100-year data-integrity guarantee. ]

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