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Drum Replacement & Augmentation

So you've recorded all of the tracks, but found that the drums lack that pro-sound...?

What do you do - re-record the drums?

Ultimately, that may be the best solution, but requires you to pack up the drummer - and his kit - and take them to another studio with a better sounding room. (After, of course, getting a new set of heads on that kit along with some TLC and proper tuning...)

Or - you can let us replace those lackluster acoustic drums - digitally!

This involves converting your drums to MIDI data, then sending that data into a sampler.
Utilizing samples (pro-level recordings) of professional drummers playing on a perfectly tuned kit, mic'd up with top-of-the-line microphones in a pro studio's "big" room... yields outstanding results!

Those quality samples can also be added to your existing drums to augment the sound into a bigger, fuller better-sounding kit.

We may be able to help you save time, added expenses, and headaches all the while preserving the drummer's feel that you managed to capture and wish to keep.

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