International Standard Name Identifier- and RIN-M

If and when you work on other's projects, you want to make sure that you get compensated for your time and effort...right?

Assuming you made the effort to get credits on your friends CD, did you also get an agreement in writing for compensation?

What happens if that song (or songs) hits it big??!

Having an ISNI will identify YOU, even with the same name as someone else, when it comes time to collect royalties.

Be sure to visit the ISNI site for more information:

Individuals can register here:


And -

If the studio you are working with isn't using RIN-M to keep track of who works on which projects - be sure to tell them to down-load the FREE plug-in!

Check it out here:

Per their website:

"RIN-M:  Credits and Metadata, Solved
The metadata revolution in the music industry is here.
RIN-M creates a full set of metadata, in the least possible amount of time. Also, we have made it free, to be sure everyone has access."
Long story short - your ISNI goes into the metadata via RIN, then travels "downstream" with the project.
Those downstream include the CD mastering and pressing houses, as well as many others, depending on the project and destination.
With your ISNI going along with the project, everyone downstream will have your information. So you get credit - and hopefully those royalty checks!!"


Per the RIN-M site -

"The final RIN file can be used to create accurate liner notes ..."


So - Please be sure to hit the links above for more information.


Live Long and Prosper!!