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Available Gear


For the Gearheads among you, here is a list of the available
Hardware and Software here at RHR —


Out of the Box (Hardware):

  • An ever-growing microphone collection which includes AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, BeyerDynamic, Chameleon Labs, Earthworks, ElectroVoice, Heil Sound, Neumann, Peluso, Sennheiser, Shure, Studio Projects, and boutique'd (modified) mics by Cascade, Rode and OctavaMod. Here's the latest list:

  • For TRUE analog sound - Pro-level microphone preamps include two original 4-channel Focusrite ISA428's (Rupert Neve Design with custom-wound Lundahl transformers), two Grace Designs m101, an AEA TRP (True Ribbon Pre) dual-channel ribbon mic pre-amp, a dual-channel Millennia HV-3, a Millennia TD-1 MicPre/DI, a Universal Audio LA-610 tube Pre/EQ/Opto Compressor, a Universal Audio 6176 tube Pre/EQ/FET Compressor, a Universal Audio Solo-110, and a Universal Audio Solo-610 modified with a high quality, vintage [NOS] Telefunken tube.

  • Outboard compressors used in tracking include a Crane Song Trakker, a Summit Audio TLA-50, Two Urei LA-4's, a dbx 162SL, and an FMR RNC 1773.

  • A Lynx Aurora 16 Analog-to-Digital converter mated to a Lynx AES16e digital card - both clocked with a Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MkII.  This means you get up to 192kHz/24 bit professional quality audio recordings of your music - the same pro quality you'd get in more expensive studios.

  • One Dangerous D-Box D/A (monitor control plus analog summing).

  • One super-clean sounding Mackie VLZ-Pro mixing board, utilizing it's award-winning super-clean pre-amp section for tracking. (With the other professional-grade mic pre's here, we rarely use this, but it's here if extra transparent/clean inputs are required.)

  • Four playback monitoring systems including a pair of JBL LSR4328P with their LSR4312SP Sub-Woofer and an Avantone Pro MixCube for verifying mono compatibility. 

  • A Millennia TD-1 DI for active tube or FET circuits, as well as passive Radial Pro DI boxes.
  • Radial Pro passive Re-Amp box, as well as the Millennia TD-1 DI for simulation of either single or dual coil pickups for truly realistic re-amping.
  • "boutiqued" 5W Kustom tube head and BlackStar cabinet loaded with 15W Celestion G12 Blue Alnico for Re-Amping everything from guitars, bass and keys to vocals & snares! 
  • Headphones by AKG, AudioTechnica, BeyerDynamic, Direct Sound, and Sony.

  • Headphone amps by Dangerous (D-Box) and Art. (With up to five simultaneous & individual headphone mixes.)

  • Keys include a Roland RD-250s digital piano, a Korg Poly-800, and a 49-key Arturia Analog Laboratory synth/MIDI controller.

  • Vintage rack modules feature a Kawai K5m, Roland R8 and R8m, EMU ProCussion and Roland MT-32.

  • A fine assortment of hand percussion.

  • A top-of-the-line Pearl Reference Series acoustic drum set with Zildjian cymbals.

  • A top-of-the-line Yamaha DTX950 digital drum set.

  • A set of Gretsch Catalina drums.

  • A Pearl Masters Series maple snare drum.

  • For additional digital drum triggering, there’s a DrumKAT and pads from Roland, KAT and DrumTech.


The Box:

  • A custom, super quiet PC from ADK Pro Audio. This PC is a dedicated DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that features a 12-core liquid-cooled Intel i7 chipset, 240GB SSD (Solid-State Drive), 1TB Seagate audio drive, Two 1TB Seagate drives for synth patches and storage, and the very stable Windows 7 Professional (x64).

  • Award-winning DSP (Digital Signal Processing) cards from Universal Audio.  One UAD-2 OCTO and two UAD-2 QUAD cards yield umatched processing power for the best vintage gear simulations on the planet! (Hearing is believing!)


Software (IN the Box):

  • Multi-track workflow is successfully handled using Studio One Pro by PreSonusStudio One Pro is the choice of many professionals who have left the ProTools environment, as well as those of us who used Sonar Platinum by Cakewalk. 
     [Of course, all files recorded with Studio One Pro or Sonar are WAV file format, and are fully compatible with all other Digital Audio Workstations - including Protools/Protools HD, Logic/Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Abelton Live, etc.]

  • Software plug-ins are all tested for the highest quality and include both vintage and state-of-the-art effects and processors from Universal Audio, Waves, iZotope, PSP Audioware, EastWest, SoundToys, Steven Slate, 2cAudio, Eventide, OverLoud, Lexicon, IK-Multimedia, and others.

  • Pro-quality digital pianos, synths, and sound modules from EastWest, Arturia, UVI, Native Instruments, XLN Audio, Sonic Reality, ToonTrack, Cakewalk and others.

  • Pitch correction software is on hand from Celemony's Melodyne Studio 4. 

  • Guitar and Bass Amp Simulations are available via Universal Audio, Brainworx, OverLoud (TH3), and IK-Multimedia (Amplitube 4 Deluxe).

  • Virtual drum samplers include Superior Drummer (SD3) by ToonTrack, BFD3 by FXpansion, Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio, and select drum libraries for Kontakt. 

  • Drum replacement by ToonTrack's DrumTracker, and Drumagog 5 Platinum, as well as audio-to-MIDI via Melodyne Studio 4 are all available here.

  • iZotope's Insight along with NUGEN Audio’s Visualizer for spectrum and spectral analyses.

  • iZotope RX6 Advanced and Sony's Sound Forge 11 Pro suites for audio waveform editing.

  • HOFA CD burning and DDP software for Red Book Standard CD and DDP file creation. (Ensures error-free file transfer to the replication/duplication house.)